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reasons why NOT to invest overseas (or inter-state)

  • *** do you buy when you are on holiday and your judgment is also on holiday?

  • *** what about currency risk, political risk?

  • *** state regulations? (for example rent control legislation, the problem of sitting tenants)

  • *** overseas property is expensive; will it give you sufficient return?

  • *** management and accounting costs can be extraordinarily high


  • *** if the property is rented will you be able to enjoy the property and stay there anyway?

  • *** is it not cheaper to stay in a 5 star hotel from time to time compared to the costs of a holiday home over the course of a year?

  • *** if it is too far away to manage effectively, who knows if the property is being neglected?

  • *** do you understand the tax laws? (ongoing property taxes)

  • *** can you repatriate your capital? (withholding tax, capital gains tax)

  • *** if the A$ appreciates you will make a capital loss; are you prepared to speculate against our currency?

  •       overseas buyers (i.e. YOU) usually get to hear about a boom at the very last

these considerations do NOT apply to visitors thinking about buying in Perth :)